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Monthly Budget Planner

Posted in Budgeting by khotapaisa on June 8, 2009
For all of you who, like me, find it difficult to make a monthly budget, here is a sample budget sheet you can try out. You can print it and use it to track your monthly budget. A few tips before you start with your budget.
Use it for few months before you decide if it really is useful.
Overbudget household expenses initially.
You may use the sheet along with ‘envelop method’ of budget planning.

Click on the image to view full-size image.

Do share your budgeting experience with me.


Am I Spending Too Much?

Posted in Budgeting by khotapaisa on June 7, 2009

Ever since I started monthly budgeting, I felt that some parts of my expenses were bloated. I could see the opportunity of cutting the flab specially my phone/net bill, fuel expense and maybe grocery. But I could never manage to trim it down. My wife said that the grocery expense was already optimized. Infact I was warned against cutting it down any further. On the fuel front, I could cut it if I started using public transport. Though I must say that I have resisted it till now. Here is the breakup of my monthly expenses. The insurance entry includes all premiums as well as PPF. The buffer entry is what I keep in hand for any spikes in the expenses(believe me, they are rarely missing).expense